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Determinants of the price of plastic pallets

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  Determinants of the price of plastic pallets

  For example: a demand pallet manufacturers, in the choice of plastic pallet will consider what? Price, quality, weight, after-sales service, the size of the manufacturer. Let us first analyze the impact of plastic pallet price factors: plastic pallet of raw materials: can be divided into new materials (commonly known as raw materials) and renewable materials (commonly known as clinker), the new material in the performance is higher than the renewable materials, The price is obviously more expensive than ordinary.

  Recycled material ratio: Recycled material pallet to add a certain percentage of recycled materials one-time injection molding pallet; very significant, the proportion of recycled materials, the lower the cost, the lower the price.

  Plastic pallet structure: the same weight, different structure of the pallet, and some of the Department of a plastic injection molding, no follow-up processing, and some pallets are required by welding and other multi-channel process after forming, the cost of course, higher, the price is also a lot of money , In addition, there are anti-skid, steel, RFID (built-in chip) and other pallets, the cost will be significantly improved, the price will be correspondingly improved. In addition to the factors that affect the price of plastic pallets there are manufacturers of the level of profit requirements, some manufacturers like small profits, and sometimes manufacturers on the profit requirements slightly higher, which also caused the price difference!

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