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Fresh plastic pallet: adjustment of plastic pallet prices can not be separated from industry association specifications

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Apr 28, 2018

Fresh plastic pallet: adjustment of plastic pallet prices can not be separated from industry association specifications Source:

In recent years, the demand of the pallet market has been constantly expanding, and the competition for plastic pallets has become increasingly fierce. The status of plastic trays in the market has also been continuously improved, from the initial unknown to the current logistics and warehousing industry rookie. Plastic pallet are changing in position in the market. Affected by the market demand for plastic pallets, the price of plastic pallets is also constantly changing. On the one hand, a unilateral reduction in prices by a certain enterprise will cause disharmony in the market, on the other hand, it will make customers question the quality of products. Adjusting the price of plastic pallets is a problem in the whole pallet market. Fresh plastic absorption tray The establishment of market prices for plastic pallets is not within the control of one or two enterprises. Many enterprises raise prices and raise price space. Some enterprises have to follow suit. If the prices of plastic trays are not effectively controlled, Then in the near future, the price of plastic trays will appear. With the development of plastic pallets, the market scale of the whole plastic pallet industry is expanding. From the point of view of plastic pallet manufacturers, under the background of this industry, the market planning of plastic pallets is not only a problem of itself, but also a collective problem. Unilateral change of market operation is a kind of destructive behavior to the market. Plastic tray manufacturers do not appear malicious competition between the existence of price war will make many plastic tray manufacturers into a vicious battle difficult to turn over. There are many factors affecting the price of plastic pallets, the main factors are: raw materials, different regions, product size, transportation distance, different product grade. The last point we often ignore is that some manufacturers are very cheap, in fact in the production process doped with a large number of recycled materials, this should be paid attention to. In order to control the market price of the plastic tray industry, it is necessary for the trade association to coordinate each enterprise and formulate the unified price standard. As the saying goes, no rules and no rules, a trade can get a good development can not be separated from the norms of the industry. The pallet market competition is fierce, the plastic pallet manufacturer should start from the product research and development source, in the product design structure, uses the material aspect to put the sufficient effort. Most buyers in our country are interested in the price of their products. "low price" will inevitably bring "low quality", plastic tray manufacturers are also difficult to obtain better benefits in the market. With the gradual improvement of market demand, more and more customers begin to pay attention to quality consumption. To achieve win-win results between manufacturers and customers, first of all, we must start to change at the manufacturer level: first, we must constantly provide society with superb quality products and gradually eliminate the inertia of low price and low quality thinking. Let more customers recognize the high value for money products; secondly, in the relevant industry standards formulation, implementation, supervision and other links to strengthen efforts to increase illegal costs, so that those speculators do not follow the form. In this way, there will be more and more plastic tray manufacturers pay attention to product quality and service. In the age of information economy, if plastic tray manufacturers want to become stronger and bigger, they must uphold the principle of promoting development by products, promoting sales by services, and constantly improving the quality of their own products, striving for excellence, and producing better products. In order to win the trust of customers, in the long-term industry competition to obtain long-term success. Fresh plastic trays: adjustment of plastic pallet prices can not be separated from industry association specifications.


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