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Logistics efficiency and cost reduction can not be separated from the plastic pallet

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  Logistics efficiency and cost reduction can not be separated from the plastic pallet. A product from the moment to leave the production line, it and the pallet forged a bond, transport, storage, loading and unloading handling, packaging, distribution, distribution of all these logistics links, if there is no pallet, to spend several times, Several times the time and labor. Only the goods into a unified size of the goods with a certain volume shape of the unit, it is possible to achieve mechanization, automation, and truly achieve the purpose of reducing costs and improve efficiency. It can be said that the plastic pallet is the logistics of all aspects of seamless docking of the basic equipment, if the lack of pallets, modern logistics industry integration, standardization and rapid response is also out of the question.

  Warehouse handling: the plastic pallet and the realization of the container unit logistics, logistics is conducive to the standardization of the entire process, standardized management and operation of the product of the unit data transfer and information processing possible, but also to avoid the goods count error. By the plastic pallet composed of container unit, for the logistics standardization, mechanized operations to create the conditions. The use of plastic pallet assembly unit, can promote the smooth operation of the logistics and speed. Because of the plastic pallet, to a few pieces, dozens of pieces of packaging objects assembled into a modular form. As a result of the formation of the unit shape, in order to use forklifts, cranes, conveyors, lifting platforms, freight cars and other loading and unloading machinery for mechanization, automated handling handling, storage, transportation and distribution, thus several times, ten times, dozens Times to improve operational efficiency, reduce the total cost of logistics. Dependent on the plastic pallet to achieve the container unit logistics, can improve the working conditions and operating environment, to avoid repeated changes in the way to reduce ineffective labor, to achieve energy saving, reduce the efficiency of the target. The same time as

  Storage Shelf: The use of plastic pallets in the logistics industry is more distinctive, in more environments to achieve the removal of the goods, as well as with the implementation of the characteristics of the environment to promote the normal use of the value Concept. The same time as

  For many levels of goods between the criss-cross placed plastic pallets in the goods when stacked, you can use more levels of the need to place the items placed in criss-crossing, so as to more fully help in the realization of the goods For the adjustment of the cumulative system. Plastic pallets in the multi-layer stacking is not staggered more levels in different environments for a good code to put, and in the use of the order will have a very convenient, flat stacking is also possible to achieve space Of the savings. In addition, the plastic pallet can be cleaned and reused.

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