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Plastic pallet as a logistics platform

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  Plastic pallet as a logistics platform, intelligent storage of important elements, because of its simple production, convenient environmental protection, the use of a very wide range of various colors of the plastic pallet in the market are common. That these different colors of the plastic pallet there is no classification criteria or special significance, Xiaobian to introduce you.

  Plastic pallets are more common in blue, black, red, green, white, in fact, these colors are not any international or national standard definition, the price and process are actually the same, why so many colors, mainly because of beauty and use Habits, or customer within a color classification requirements. For example, in the country, the general use of blue, which is the market unspoken rules, but also the default of a habit, this brings the benefits of a great convenience to the plastic pallet manufacturers recycling waste plastic pallet, stable market order , But on the other hand also facilitate the use of some small factories recycling pallet and then sell, so that consumers suffer losses.

  Therefore, when you buy plastic pallets, if you need to sort, then buy a variety of colors of the plastic pallet, if you do not use the classification can buy a blue plastic pallet. Black plastic pallet it is generally used as export, with the export of goods, most of them are disposable pallets, due to different needs, the general price will be some differences, with the rapid development of foreign trade, the number of domestic use is also very large. Therefore, the choice of plastic pallet is generally not to choose the color, mainly to use the environment and use the function to select the plastic pallet, plastic pallet size, temperature range, etc. to consider.

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