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Plastic pallet Four kinds of molding methods

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  Plastic pallet Four kinds of molding methods, of which the fourth method of manufacturing equipment, tooling investment at least, the lowest cost. Plastic pallet is a necessary instrument in the transportation and storage of goods, and many industries have great demand for plastic pallets. Small series of reminders, in the purchase of plastic pallets, to detail the molding method:

  Vacuum Blister Forming method

  This method produces plastic pallets with single-sided and double-sided types. Single-sided blister pallets are used for small motors and wire pallets, such as packaging, transport. Double-sided blister pallet is assembled, divided into 2 kinds of situations: the upper half is the fixed length of extrusion, the fixed width plastic plate, the lower half is large vacuum blister finished product, the upper and lower half are large vacuum blister finished products.

  Second, extrusion-Hollow blow molding method

  Plastic pallet extrusion-Hollow blow molding with the same common hollow finished blow molding method has the same place, but because its product is relatively large, and is a double-sided type, the need for larger extruder, die-clamping machine and mold, but the mold, equipment input than injection molding small, the prototype of the lower, but the finished product is not dense, flatness is poor, the thickness of the uniform control is more difficult.

  Three, injection molding method

  With flat, clean, crisp, dense and other advantages, can be divided into two-sided group and assembled plastic pallet. The shape of the group pallet complex app application, high cost, but the product quality is better. Many manufacturers use assembly-type pallet, the two-sided group pallet into the upper and lower parts, respectively, injection molding and then assembled. This product is necessary 2 pairs of molds, in the mold structure, greatly simplified, mold total investment than the group is cheaper, this production style may become the mainstream of plastic pallet production.

  IV. Extrusion Molding method (assembly type)

  Using extruder and machine superior equipment, extruding the planks used as the upper and lower panels and the I-shaped connecting plate with the double wing as the connection support, and then assembling. The appearance of wood-plastic composite materials advertising planning company, pushed the extrusion molding process of plastic pallet development. It is the natural plant fiber and waste plastic as an important material, so that the plastic pallet has not only wood texture, water resistance, pest control and other benefits, but also to sawing, planing, nails.

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