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The correct use of plastic pallet environment and parameter settings

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 18, 2017

  The correct use of plastic pallet environment and parameter settings

  Plastic pallet, is an environmentally friendly pallet, is made of plastic raw materials from injection, recyclable, re-use, so many companies and the community widely recognized. Of course, the use of the pallet in the process, there are several precautions to note.

  1, to adapt to the ambient temperature: -25 ℃ -80 ℃ (try to avoid sun exposure and close to heat).

  2, all products can be processed in accordance with customer requirements into anti-static products.

  3, the quality assurance period: in normal use, the product quality assurance period of one year (12 months), there is a break to a change, so the cost borne by the supplier (limited domestic), the supplier response The use of the process of the existence of maintenance obligations (a product of their own quality problems, except for human damage). Buy plastic pallet should choose a good manufacturer.

  4, must pay attention to dynamic load, fine load, shelf load and the difference between the load, load capacity and shelf structure, ambient temperature and storage cycle are closely related.

  5, plastic forklift pallet product size error plus or minus 2%, weight error plus or minus 3%, are allowed to the scope of enterprise standards. After the quality assurance period if the problem can be free service, if damaged three bad pallet can be a new pallet, so the cost incurred by the demand side.

  pallet to use, to be cherished, pay attention to rain, anti-exposure and to do to prohibit the operation of violence.

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