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What is the correct way to use plastic pallets

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: May 08, 2018


The same plastic pallets someone can sue for seven or eight years, but some for less than a year. Why? Are you use plastic pallets exactly?

 The following methods for the accurate use of plastic pallet:

1,under normal temperature, it is best not to put down the sun for a long time under the sun, to avoid the aging of plastic pallet, shorten the service life of plastic pallets

2,, the plastic pallet should be placed on the flat surface of the ground or object, not violent manipulation, to avoid uneven force when landing, damage.

3, when arranging the goods, the average arrangement from the middle to the surrounding should be light, otherwise the force will be uneven and the side of the goods will be tilted or overturned, and the goods in the box will be damaged when it is more severe.

4, hydraulic truck and forklift should be inserted in the middle of the pallet, the depth of forked teeth should account for about 2 / 3 of the depth of the plastic pallet, and the fork teeth should not be inserted.

5, hydraulic trucks and forklifts should maintain a uniform speed and look around, only to prevent forklifts and goods from bumping into other tools, causing damage to plastic pallets and collapsing goods.

6, plastic pallet on the shelf, must accept shelf-type plastic pallet, can not exceed the maximum load. For safety in transit, the center of gravity of the goods contained shall not exceed 2/3 of the width of the plastic pallet.

 The method of using the pallet accurately is that the plastic holder is used at room temperature and placed under a flat surface, the goods are light and light, and can not be overloaded, the fork of the forklift is in the middle of the pallet, do not collide with other tools, etc. Believe if you use plastic pallet accurately, plastic pallet life will be greatly extended. 

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