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How To Buy A Standard Plastic Pallet

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  How to buy a standard plastic pallet

  Plastic pallet is made of PE \ PP and other thermoplastic, with some improved performance additives, through injection molding, blow molding and other processing technology, with the production conditions, storage conditions, process control, quality management requirements continue to improve, Plastic pallet manufacturers began to appear, and soon occupied a place, at present, the market has a lot of plastic pallet, the quality of uneven, then for everyone to sort out what to buy plastic pallet or should pay attention to what the problem.

  Use single-sided plastic pallet or double-sided plastic pallet

  For the first time we have to consider the forklift truck, if you use the manual hydraulic forklift or manual hydraulic forklift and mechanical forklift mix, then you do not need to consider the double-sided pallet, because the manual hydraulic forklift can not With double-sided plastic pallet. If all of your environment is mechanical and electric forklift, then single and double-sided pallet can choose.

  The purchase of plastic pallets can not be blindly than the price and the weight of the product

  Plastic pallet manufacturers professional introduction As the plastic pallet under normal circumstances are blue color, which greatly facilitates a lot of plastic pallet manufacturers use recycled plastics, on the one hand disrupted the market order, on the other hand is the user suffered a loss. But also with some users to compare the weight of the product to the weight of the product as a standard to measure the price of plastic pallet products, in fact, this practice has long been sensitive to the production enterprises aware that they are using the consumer's This kind of psychological, to the product to add part of the calcium carbonate and other heavy substances, not only reduce their production costs also greatly improve the weight of the product itself, consumers were kept in the dark.

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