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Pallet Classification And Standards

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  pallet classification and standards

  According to the pallet material, use, countertops, forklift fork way and structure distinction, there are various types of pallets. Especially in some occasions require rapid operation, due to the high efficiency of the pallet, safe and stable, so countries have developed a variety of special pallet. Such as flat glass container pallet, tire pallet, long pallet and oil pallet special pallet and so on.

  It is because of the wide variety of pallets, with a wide range of applicability and pivotal joint nature, in the handling, storage, transportation and packaging and other logistics aspects of the efficiency, are in the center position, has a very important convergence function, so , Although the pallet is only a small piece of equipment, but its size, is the size of the package, the size of the compartment, the size of the container unit size. Only to the pallet size as the standard, the decision packaging, truck compartment, train cars, container boxes and other supporting specifications and specifications of the series specifications, only to best reflect the loading and unloading handling, storage, transportation and packaging operations of the rationality and efficiency. In addition, the size of the pallet also relates to the size of the container unit. The size of the container unit is also related to the size of the packing unit, the truck compartment, the railway freight car compartment, the warehouse channel and the shelf size, and even the infrastructure of the logistics, such as the railway station, the port, the terminal, etc. Standard size of handling equipment. Therefore, in a sense, the standardization of the pallet is not only a prerequisite for pallet leasing, pallet circulation and recycling, but also a determinant of mechanization and automation for loading and unloading, packaging, transportation and storage operations. There is no pallet size uniformity, no pallet-based facilities, equipment, devices, tools and other serialization standards, can only do the rationalization of local logistics, it is difficult to achieve the overall logistics rationalization. Because of this, uniform pallet specifications to maximize the cost of logistics, it is natural to become the common aspiration of the logistics industry.

  In spite of this, the balance of interests on the pallet issue is almost impossible to achieve in the short term due to the impact of the specifications of the pallet specifications on the economic interests of different regions and groups of countries. Some of the pallets have been implemented in certain regions and countries It is impossible to compromise with each other. In this way, ISO unified global transport pallet specifications there is a great difficulty, and ultimately only in the relevant regions and countries to implement the 1 200 mm × l 000 mm, 1 200mm × 800mm, l 219mm × l 016mm (ie 48 inches × 40 Inch), l 140 mm × l 140 mm, l 100 mm × l 100 mm and 1067 mm × l067mm specifications of the six kinds of pallets in the ISO 6780 "Intermodal universal flat pallet main dimensions and tolerances" to take a compatible attitude, this The specifications of the six pallets are tied to the world's common international standards.

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