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Plastic Pallet Is A Plastic Product

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  Plastic pallet is a plastic product, we all know that plastic products in high temperature, exposure to the case, will change its physical sub, resulting in oxidation, thereby shortening its service life. After the use of the customer must be placed in the place to avoid direct sunlight, the normal use of open air conditions, as usual will not cause damage. Some companies after the purchase of long-term idle do not know, do not know how to cherish, every day on the outdoor, long-term wind, sun, rain, resulting in the use of products is easy to break, This is caused by long-term sun exposure, resulting in plastic pallet internal molecular structure caused by changes. So, today to introduce you to the use of plastic pallet in the summer of the meticulous matters.

  1. When placing the goods, it is best to place the average, so you can avoid the ups and downs when handling, there side of the situation.

  2. When using plastic pallets to transport the goods, to consider the size of the goods can not meet the use of plastic pallets, to avoid the size of unsuitable and bear the plastic pallet.

  3. When using the plastic pallet, be careful to gently, do not let the pallet appear uneven force, otherwise it is easy to damage the pallet.

  4. If it is stacking the use of plastic pallet, to see the bottom of the pallet that the load-bearing capacity, there is no damage to the case, if any, to timely reduce the weight

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