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The Establishment Of A Pallet Sharing System Has The Following Effect

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  The establishment of a pallet sharing system has the following effect.

  (1) is conducive to reducing the total social logistics costs

  The establishment of pallet sharing system, leasing, recycling pallet, to promote the free exchange of pallets between enterprises, the use of disposable pallets for the transport of goods business, do not have to spend a lot of money to buy or homemade pallet, the rent paid The cost of disposable pallets can be effective for companies to save pallet costs. It is estimated that after the establishment of the pallet sharing system in China, the overall savings of about one-third of the pallet, with great economic value. In a foreign pallet from the use of the use of scrapped, in the process of carrying the product circulation, the average savings in storage, handling and transportation costs more than 500 US dollars, equivalent to its own cost of several times. At present, China in addition to large-scale, more advanced management level of production enterprises, the general business of material handling costs accounted for the proportion of the total cost of products as high as 40%. Therefore, China to establish a pallet sharing system, will help reduce the total social logistics costs.

  (2) is conducive to improving the quality of logistics services

  The establishment of pallet sharing system to achieve pallet transport and mechanized operations, both to effectively avoid the damage caused by manual handling of goods, but also to avoid the goods can not be effectively caused by the cumulative container error. For example, you can follow the general practice of European logistics, in the product line about the assembly line in the standardization of the pallet, the use of pallet-specific packaging machinery on the pallet of precious goods and general cargo were opaque and transparent plastic film packaging, Once the Kaifeng, it is difficult to recover, it is easy to identify, can effectively solve the problem of China's logistics behind the first problem: "damage to goods, loss, railways, road transport, there are many manual operation and often goods stacking errors, Stolen ". Which will effectively improve the quality of China's logistics services.

  (3) is conducive to saving social and economic resources, the protection of the ecological environment

  At present, the United States has about 1.5 billion to 2 billion pallets, Japan has 700 million to 800 million, China is smaller but the annual average of 20 million in the increasing speed, the vast majority of wooden pallets, and a Up to 6 standard pallets can be made. If the establishment of a pallet sharing system to promote the recycling of recyclable plastic pallets and metal pallets between enterprises, will greatly reduce the number of disposable wooden pallets, both to save forest resources, protect the ecological environment, but also reduce the economic operation of the whole country cost.

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