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The Following Factors Should Be Considered When Selecting The Pallet Size

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  pallets are directly related to stored shelves, handling products, containers, transport vehicles, unloading platforms and handling facilities. Therefore, the size of the pallet is based on the size of other logistics equipment specifications. For example, the width of the width of the crossbar of the pallet is 2300mm and 2700mm, the former carrying two 1200mm × 1000mm pallet, which holds three 1200mm × 800mm pallet. Here, it is particularly worth mentioning is to establish an effective pallet utility system, you must use a unified specifications of the pallet, pallet standardization is the premise of the pallet operation consistent. The following factors should be considered when selecting the pallet size:

  1. Consider the size of the transport and transport equipment

  The appropriate pallet size should be in accordance with the size of the means of transport, can take full advantage of the space of the means of transport, increase the loading rate, reduce transportation costs, in particular, to consider the size of the container and transport of commercial vehicles.

  2. Consider the packing specifications for the pallet loading

  Select the appropriate pallet according to the packing specifications of the pallet to load the goods, and try to maximize the surface area of the pallet to control the center of gravity of the cargo. Pallet carrying goods reasonable indicators: 80% of the pallet to achieve the surface area utilization, the weight of the goods should not exceed the height of the pallet width of two thirds.

  3. Consider the versatility of the pallet size

  Should be selected as much as possible international standard pallet specifications, easy to exchange and use the pallet.

  4. Consider the area where the pallet size is used

  The pallet flow of the loaded cargo directly affects the choice of pallet size. (1200mm × 1000mm) or 1208 pallets (1200mm × 800mm); to Japan, South Korea to choose the goods 1111 pallet (1100mm × 1100mm); to Oceania to choose the goods 1140mm × 1140mm or 1067mm × 1067mm pallet; to the US goods to choose 48 inches × 40 inches of the pallet, the domestic commonly used 1210 pallet sent to the United States.

  1200mm × 1000mm pallet in the world's most widely used in China has also been the most widely used.

  Pallet load definition

  Static load

  Static load refers to the pallet on the horizontal and rigid plane, the goods evenly tiled on the pallet, the pallet can withstand the maximum load weight.

  2. Dynamic load

  Dynamic load refers to the use of forklifts and other handling equipment, the pallet in the dynamic operation, the pallet on the goods placed evenly placed, can withstand the maximum load weight.

  3. The load on the shelves

  Refers to the pallet in the beam on the shelves or other similar racks across the beam when the space on the pallet tiles placed evenly, can withstand the maximum load weight.

  Therefore, the choice of pallet load capacity to understand the use of the pallet function, when the pallet to shelves storage, the most important load on the shelves. At the same time, the load capacity of the pallet has a great relationship with the way the goods are placed on the pallet. The load area is reduced and the actual residual load of the pallet will be reduced, rather than the original rated load.

  In the concept of load, dynamic load and the load on the shelves may not be clear. In the European Pallet Standard (EPAL), the upper load and forklift operation are combined into the same load.

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