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The Pallet Is The Most Basic Container Unit In The Logistics Industry

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  The pallet is the most basic container unit in the logistics industry. It is in circulation with the products in the production enterprises, logistics enterprises, retail enterprises and users. It is equipped with product lines, product packaging, forklifts, shelves, public and railway transportation vehicles, ships , Containers and storage facilities, and many other aspects of a more stringent size matching relationship. Therefore, the standardization of the pallet logistics industry is the most basic standards, the standardization of the pallet directly determines the logistics standardization process and the operation of modern logistics industry costs.

  With the world's logistics boom warming, the domestic logistics enterprises are also rapidly growing. But as a modern logistics infrastructure links are not standardized, is bound to affect the healthy development of China's logistics enterprises in the future. May be in the short term the impact is not very prominent, but with the development of the logistics industry, its "bottleneck" role will become increasingly evident.

  It is reported that the current standardized use of the pallet, Australia is 95%, the United States 55%, 70% in Europe, Japan 35%, South Korea is about 27%. In the United States, Japan, the pallet is a huge industry, the Government to promote logistics standardization, improve the utilization of the pallet, have introduced a number of incentives and preferential measures. While the use of standardized pallets in China there is still a long way to go.

  Corresponding to the new international standards, the revision of the Chinese pallet standard has not yet been carried out. But the revised principles already have: First, there is no need to put the above IS06 other than the specifications; Second, China should not be implemented at the same time six kinds of specifications, but should be based on national conditions to determine the implementation of the focus, selected l ~ 2 specifications as a Of the standard, and gradually increase the proportion of the use of standard pallets.

  At present, there are two different propositions for the selection of Chinese pallet standards: one is the main "long" faction, advocates China choose 1 200mm × l 000mm rectangular pallet international standards; the other is the main "positive" faction, advocate China L 100mm × 1 100mm square pallet international standard. Therefore, the relevant departments should be standardized as soon as possible China's pallet standards, select l 200mm × 1000mm or 1 100mm × l 100mm as China's national standards, focusing on the promotion and application, to promote the standardization of China's pallet, and even logistics standardization process.

  At present, China has set up two professional bodies on the pallet, respectively, China Logistics Standardization Technical Committee and the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee. The two agencies will work together to organize and coordinate the revision of the Chinese pallet standard.

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