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The Pallet Loading And Unloading Should Pay Attention To The Part

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  The pallet loading and unloading should pay attention to the part

  1, according to the required consignment of goods sent to the order of reasonable loading, generally is to put heavy objects, high objects near the body side, so easy to master pallet center of gravity; then the light objects, low objects or the first sent items in the outer side of the plate, so that the distribution of goods in the plate appropriate, convenient for their own work, so as to avoid excessive rotation of the disk or the right hand in the cross to pick up the possible impact of their own.

  2, when cleaning table tableware supplies, do not put all items in size, shape, volume, material mixed in a pallet, otherwise things easy to slide, or even ground breaking, but should be according to napkins, towels, glassware, porcelain tableware in the order of the separate plate, to avoid different texture items due to collision and damage.

  3, wine bottles, beverages should be installed according to large, small different specifications, respectively, the bottle body should leave a finger space, do not close together, in order to avoid the start and walk when the impact of the noise. But also should be careful not to install too loose, the distance between the body is too large to cause the bottom of the bottle sliding, so that the hands lose center control.

  4, in the wine, pay attention to the wine High cup positive outward, loading and unloading should be from high to low, from the heavy to light, from the principle of the outside operation, while in the unloading plate attention squat posture Service.

  Plastic Pallet making process

  At present, domestic enterprises mainly using injection molding, hollow blow molding two ways to produce plastic pallets.

  Injection molding pallet materials are generally used low pressure high-density polyethylene (HDPE), through injection molding. The cost of the material is lower than the blow molding pallet, which is widely used in China. Injection molding is suitable for the pallet forming with complex shape and high rigidity, which is suitable for the production of large batch pallet. But the mold cost is high, the investment is big. Very few flying edges, after the production of small amount of work. The molding cycle is short, and the general period is about 3 minutes. The product size is accurate, the surface quality is good.

  The main parameters to be considered in the manufacturing process of injection molded pallet are: 1, clamping force, 2, injection quantity, 3, injection pressure, 4, plasticizing capacity, plasticizing time, 5, cycle; 6, mold: In order to reduce molding force, improve product quality, hot runner mold should be used.

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