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The Superiority Of The Plastic Pallet Relative To The Wooden Pallet

Suzhou Chen-An Plastic Corp.,Ltd | Updated: Aug 17, 2017

  The superiority of the plastic pallet relative to the wooden pallet

  1, durability: the use of plastic pallet is the use of wooden pallet time about 10 times.

  2, the reliability of the reliability structure significantly reduces the damage to the pallet, and the loss of material on the pallet due to damage to the pallet, the plastic pallets are smaller in weight than similar wooden pallets, thus reducing the weight and cost of transport.

  3, health: plastic pallet can be washed and then re-use.

  4, the global trend: At present, some areas must use the plastic pallet of the law already exists, requiring all food, beverages, pharmaceutical transport must use plastic pallet.

  5, special: plastic pallet in the special commodity market will be more and more attention, such as food, pharmaceutical industry, and can be based on the needs of different factories to produce a variety of different colors of plastic pallet, and add the corresponding company logo The

  6, insurance: because the plastic pallet with anti-damage, so the workers need to reduce the relative compensation, and the decline in the amount of wood in the factory makes the fire insurance costs will be relatively reduced.

  7, the residual value: the use of the plastic pallet can be 30% of the original price of the sale, and the plastic pallet can be the corresponding manufacturers recycling.

  8, environmental protection: plastic pallets are environmentally friendly products, so they can all the recycling and re-use, a significant reduction in garbage and processing prices.

  9, the protection of forests: the use of plastic pallets to avoid thousands of acres of forest per year consumption.

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